A Pear for the Hungry Lion : OS X

CCleaner has long been a must have tool in the self-service arena to keep PC’s humming along and free of trouble. I am pleased to announce there is now a Mac version of this gem. I must add, Piriform has done a fantastic job in creating a very well rounded product for Mac’s. The best part of it is that is free. You must be asking yourself what this has to do with Instructional Technology, well I can assure you that it has everything to do with it. If your system is not running the right way you cannot communicate with your students. They on the other hand cannot do their handy work, and that open the gates to those e-mails you get on the weekend with stories about how the dog ate the keyboard ect… If you are a Mac user go give this a try by downloading it from the Piriform website, http://bit.ly/KW8xdc

*If you are a Windows user, there is no need to go crying to mama for candy as you can get the version for your OS here, http://bit.ly/KW8FcP