Anibal Pacheco



Anibal Pacheco

Greetings! I am the Chief Learning Officer at Instructional Technology Solutions. I provide professional development training for a wide array of platforms, social networks, and online media solutions. If you are an educator, K-12 School, Community College or University, I can help with your institutions’ professional learning goals. My specialty is finding the best Instructional Technology solutions to promote engagement and collaboration for both Faculty and your learners.

• I help educators build Professional Learning Networks (PLN) with like-minded individuals who are passionate about sharing knowledge and collaboration through the use of cutting-edge technology and social media.

• My background is in Instructional Design and Technology for education. I can assist with the development, integration, and management of technology programs at your institution. I am a proven leader with over 25 years combined work experience as a Technology Integration Specialist, Multimedia Specialist, Digital Resource Curator, Logistics Manager and United States Army Warrant Officer.

• I would especially like to connect with educators interested in learning about Instructional Technology, Social Media and anyone who would like to collaborate on technology integration projects. I am willing to provide valuable contacts and industry insights.

• Want to know more about how to use Technology and Social Media to help you grow as a professional educator or brand? If so, keep an eye on this website for the latest news and happenings in the world of education.

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