Cubby one giant leap for your stuff

There is no shortage of Cloud Storage services out there today. You have probably heard about the usual suspects;, Dropbox, iCloud and Sugarsync. Today I am introducing you to, Cubby a new cloud storage service backed by long time remote desktop application provider LogMeIn. The service is currently available by invite only.

One of the unique features of the service is that it lets you sync an unlimited number of files and folders between computers. You can also share whatever folders you want by dragging them into the cubby app. This in itself makes it a winner because one of Dropbox biggest annoyances is that you are forced to keep all of your files in their folder.

You can also customize the whole sharing experience by sharing with only certain computers, colleagues or by getting a public link for the folder you want to share. You are probably thinking now why did I wrote about it, if you cannot access it. Well, I have 5 invites πŸ™‚ that will go to the first five educators who follow me on Twitter @AnibalPachecoIT, Please tell me about the one technology that has most significantly impacted the way you teach today; be brief you only have 140 characters. I will go over your post and select the winner’s based on their originality and creativity for the message.