Differentiated Learning for Better Teachers

TeachBoost is a new and exciting teacher development platform to help coach and develop educators through the use of performance and feedback tools. They specialize in removing the many distractions involved in the professional development process of our teachers. They have created a system where both teachers and administrators benefit through collaboration. TeachBoost address the need for a better way to conduct observations, assessments, and teacher evaluations.

This performance management tool has the capability to add student assessment data and the integration of data systems for schools, districts or even statewide. Teachers can use the service individually to create their professional development portfolios taking a proactive approach to their development process. Administrators benefit from this collaborative approach because it builds cohesive teams that enable educators to learn from each other. Their service is web based and works on all mobile device with Internet access.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jason DeRoner, Co-Founder, TeachBoost for a Google+ Hangout. During our conversation, we talked about the company’s vision and how TeachBoost is becoming a key player in the professional development of our educators. Jason also told me how the idea for TeachBoost came about. He also emphasized how important feedback from both administrators and teachers has been to the development of their service. Please watch the video below; if you like what you see, give it a like and subscribe to my YouTube channel; to find out more about TeachBoost please visit their website at http://teachboost.com/ or contact them via e-mail at support@teachboost.com

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