United States, Army Materiel Command (AMC), Fort Riley, Kansas

October 2008 — October 2009

• Logistics Management Specialist for the 3rd/407th Army Field Support Battalion (AFSBn), Distribution Management Team (DMT).

• Generated the daily readiness status reports for a Heavy Brigade Combat Team undergoing field RESET maintenance as part of the AFORGEN cycle in support of the Army Sustainment Command Distribution Management Center.

• Analyzed and resolved complex maintenance management matters for all Left Behind Equipment (LBE); Assistant Logistics Management Database programmer and designer.

• Planned, coordinated and administered the 3rd/407th AFSBn, DMT, AKO Knowledge Center; hosting maintenance and logistics reports with over 5GB in monthly data transfers.

• Developed, designed and programmed a database to support the DMC and FORSCOM Tier Priority project.

• Performed duties as alternate SAMS-2E operator and monitored the monthly AMSS report turn-in to LOGSA.

United States Army, Baghdad, Iraq

February 2007 — September 2008

Managed the maintenance program for an Infantry Task Force consisting of 9 maneuver battalions, the Special Troops Battalion and 2 separate Mechanized Armor battalions with equipment worth over $2 billion while deployed to the Baghdad area of operations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom V.

• Awarded the Department of the Army (DA) Fiscal Year 2007 (FY07) Army Award for Maintenance Excellence for best battalion in the garrison category.

• Planned, coordinated and supervised the fielding of 350 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles to Task Force Dragon and maintaining an above 95% Fully Mission Capable (FMC) rate during the entire deployment rotation.

• Approving official for Material Release Funding (MRF) requests for all classes of supply totaling over $5 million daily.

• Managed the Task Force Overage Recoverable Items list with over $24 million in direct savings to the Army while maintaining the lowest hold file on record for the Multi-National Division-Baghdad and all units within the 4th Infantry Division Area of Operations (AOR).

• Coordinated maintenance repairs and Add-on-Armor upgrades for a 2,370 vehicle fleet, Ground Support Equipment, Heavy Construction Equipment and a Route Clearance Team with 4 Buffalo’s, 5 Husky’s and 16 RG-31 Mine Resistant vehicles.

• Contracting Officer Technical Representative for a Lear Siegler Incorporated services contract worth $6 million; managed the daily production control workflow for 23 civilian contractors performing 15 services a week.

• Class Nine (CLIX) repairable parts expediter ensured the continuous flow of maintenance repairs and minimized equipment downtime; expedited and tracked the shipment of over 1,800 requisitions in support of the maneuver battalions.

United States Army, Fort Riley, Kansas

December 2005 — February 2007

• Managed daily maintenance operations for 4 maneuver battalions and the Special Troops Battalion (STB); coordinated, planned and supervised new equipment fielding for the first Two-Level Maintenance Brigade Support Battalion (BSB) in the 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley.

• Planned, coordinated and supervised the fielding of 1,300 vehicles, 14 weapon systems, and ground support equipment for the Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) in a period of 7 months enabling the Brigade to be certified combat ready 5 months ahead of schedule.

• Maintained an above 95% operational readiness rate and consistently looked for ways to increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime.

• Principal advisor to the Brigade Commander on a wide variety of logistical issues to include forward logistics, budget planning, preventive maintenance scheduling and logistical reports for echelons above Brigade level.

• Coordinated maintenance repairs for a 1,300 vehicle fleet, ground support equipment, and heavy construction equipment.

• Supervised, coached and mentored 6 Senior Non-Commissioned Officers and 10 junior Warrant Officers in 5 different specialties.

• Performed additional duties as Information Assurance Security Officer

United States, Army Materiel Command (AMC), Eygelshoven, The Netherlands

February 2003 — November 2005

• Planned, coordinated and oversaw the implementation of the ISO9001 standard for 3 Army War Reserve storage sites in The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Iraq and England 6 months ahead of established timeline.

• Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR) monitoring compliance with a host-nation agreement worth $24 million and the host-nation personnel production quality controls.

• Deployed to Iraq as the first Add-on-Armor (AoA) Project Manager; directly responsible for the armoring of over 3,500 vehicles in a period of 4 months working 18 hour days 7 days a week. Contracting Officer Representative for 7 different contracted companies with contracts worth in excess of $500 million and a 242 civilian contractor workforce.

• Established policies and procedures governing the management and operational procedures of AoA for all wheel vehicle systems in theater.

• Implemented procedures to ensure quality control systems were being utilized to ensure timely installation of CLIX repair parts resulting in increased productivity, no man-hours lost and faster vehicle turn around.

• Army Field Support Brigade detachment Commander and Chief of Quality Assurance; supervised, coached and mentored 8 Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, 2 Junior Warrant Officers and 47 host-nation personnel.

• Performed additional duties as the Detachment Information Assurance Security Officer

United States, Army Materiel Command (AMC), Vriezenveen, The Netherlands

March 2002 — February 2003

• Managed the Quality Assurance Program for 2 Army Materiel Command Pre-position Storage Sites in The Netherlands with U.S. government furnished property valued at $400 million.

• Developed quality control inspection procedures for equipment processed for storage; coordinated the load up of such equipment into Army War Reserve vessels and oversaw shipments from the point of origin to their destinations through the world.

• Directed the expediting of repairs for vehicles and ground support equipment in support of units deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan.

• Maintenance Logistics Coordinator for a 227 host nation employee workforce, 5 Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, 6 DA civilians and a NATO host nation contractual agreement worth $23 million.

• Contracting Officer Representative responsible for contract administration, responsible for arbitration on behalf of the United States Government and NATO allies.

• Monitored the redistribution of over $900 million worth of combat equipment systems through Europe and Southwest Asia as part of a site closure directive for these 2 sites with no reported loss of man-hours or equipment.

United States Army, Fort Campbell, Kentucky

November 1997 — March 2002

• Managed the daily maintenance operations for a battalion consisting of a 64 vehicle fleet and 56 pieces of ground support equipment. Maintenance manager and accountable officer for $18 Million in tactical-equipment, Maintenance Platoon Leader for 12 Soldiers and 4 Junior Non-Commissioned officers.

• Deployed the battalion from Fort Campbell, Kentucky to Fort Hood, Texas at a 100% equipment availability rate in support of the battalion year long AH-64D Apache (Longbow) Attack Helicopter fielding and training program.

• Managed the refurbishment of 9 HEMTT fuel tankers saving the Army over $3 million in maintenance man-hour repairs.

• Managed the fielding of 27 FMTV vehicles and was the first to complete the turn-in of 23 M923 5 Ton trucks into the Army wide rebuild program.

• Assigned Government Purchase Card Agent managed a $15K monthly budget for ground maintenance repair parts.

• Performed additional duties as the Battalion Information Assurance Security Officer (IASO)

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