Google’s Next Employee?

Nick D’Aloisio is a British-Australian computer programmer and entrepreneur that has got a lot of attention for two things, the creation of Summly, and the fact he is only 16. He has already been hailed as the next Steve Jobs by some. I sometimes question that kind of endorsement but I think the kid can deliver. After watching him being interviewed by GigaOM in London, I was blown away at his confidence, and business savvy at such a young age. If you wonder how long, before Google or another tech giant (of the fruit variety) buys him out you’ll have to wait a while. He says he want to stay in school, and continue to work on building his app. Here is the interview “Why Summly’s 16 year old CEO wants to stay in school” and the video for his app. Enjoy it!

GigaOm Interview 

Summly Demo