Grovo – The Online Education and Training Platform

Grovo is a fantastic platform for online learning. I have used other online learning solutions before, but none comes close to Grovo’s ease of use an affordability. The use of this service has helped increase my knowledge about the various tools, webapps and online services available on the internet. This has allowed me to better help other educators and to share knowledge with colleagues, friends and family.
grovo The killer feature of this service is their bite sized videos which are one minute or less. You might think this is not enough time to learn, but they have cracked the code when it comes to chunking material that is difficult to understand. This learning model increases retention, and it will help you keep things fresh on your mind. I would recommend Grovo to anyone looking for a new approach when it comes to learning about online technologies, social media and productivity tools.

So what are you waiting for, join the evolution of education and online training Today! —

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