Learning through Games: The Next Generation

There are several trends taking education by storm, but one of the most prolific today seems to be the use of games in the classroom. What if you could take the best aspects of gaming and fuse them together with language arts and math. That is exactly what the team behind BrainNook has done with their interactive virtual world. BrainNook allows children in grades first through fifth to learn all of the common core state standards skills while playing in real time with their friends. The service is available as a webapp and they are currently working on the development of mobile application for both Android and iOS.

BrainNook is currently being used in over 130 countries around the world, and their tournament feature allow kids to compete with one another regardless of their location. The teacher console allows you to set assignments based on individualized performance, grade levels and content appropriate for the student’s grade. They have also incorporated the highest levels of Internet safety for both teachers and students within their platform. Teachers can monitor student interaction with other students, review chat messages and block friend requests from players outside the classroom. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Abhijeet Vijayakar, founder of BrainNook in a Google+ hangout and we talked about his background, BrainNook’s vision for the future and where his product fits into the educational market today.

Abhijeet Vijayakar, BrainNook Founder Interview

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