Managing student behavior in the Classroom

ClassDojo is a classroom tool that helps teachers improve student behavior in their classrooms. It helps the busy educator optimize their daily routine and provide feedback for students and parents. This stunning webapp captures and generates behavioral data that can be shared with parents and administrators. One of the great advantages of using this tool is that you can literally access it from anywhere; whether you are on your desktop, smart phone or tablet device. It is free to use, and with just one touch on your device it allows teachers to instantly award points and badges based on a student’s behavior or participation. This tool can also be used to provide positive reinforcement without making the students feel as if they were being punished.

Students and parents have access to a profile page that is updated in real-time to see how they are doing in class, and what badges/points they have earned. As a teacher, you can use Class Dojo’s reward system to provide instant visual notifications for students to see (e.g. ‘Well done Daniel! +1 for helping others!’). 
I recently had the opportunity to sit down for a talk with ClassDojo’s Co-Founder, Sam Chaudhary to talk about their vision and the future of ClassDojo. So, please be sure to watch the interview video and visit the ClassDojo YouTube channel for some pretty cool videos about this great product, its many features and how it is helping teachers around the world manage behavior in the classroom while increasing student engagement.
Sam Chaudhary –  ClassDojo Co-Founder Interview

ClassDojo Introduction 


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