Mastering Math through Foundational Skills

DigitWhiz is an online webapp for kid’s ages 8+ that teach math foundational skills using Multiplication, Division, Integer Operations, Like Terms and Solving Equations. The brainchild of Kasey Brown a math teacher who as a child struggled to learn her multiplication tables. Kasey’s early experiences would lead her to become a programmer analyst for Hewlett Packard. After leaving corporate America, she became a math teacher to pursue her passion in helping children struggling with math foundational skills.

In early 2009, she met Elliot Feinberg a Web Developer with degrees in both Math and Physics. Together they formed DigitWhiz and in this new enterprise they both share the same passion and commitment to help young kids master the skills necessary to be successful in High School and beyond.

DigitWhiz is currently an open BETA, being used in 22 states and three countries abroad. The service is Flash based, but I recently had a chance to sit down with Kasey during a Google+ Hangout and learned they are modifying their code to launch their first mobile app coded for iOS devices. DigitWhiz is free right now, and Kasey told me when the platform matures they will monetize it through subscriptions plans and premium features at very reasonable prices. To learn more about DigitWhiz, please visit their website at and don’t forget to watch my interview with her, plus the DigitWhiz demo below.
Kasey Brown, DigitWhiz, Co-Founder

DigitWhiz: Where Everyone Masters Math!

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