Slidepoint PowerPoint converter

Slidepoint is a free service that allows you to convert existing PowerPoint slideshows using a very fast and unique converter. The main advantage in using this product over other converters I have used in the past, was the ease of use, and the speed in which the file was converted. The service also features the ability for you to create presentations online from scratch, and allows you to store up to 10 presentations online. 
The thing that impressed me the most was that every one of the links in my presentation worked, and was clickable right from their website player. In order to get more space in their system they use a reputation system to rank members and grant rewards. You can earn reputation points for being active on the site (creating content, as well as viewing and rating other presentations). As you gain reputation points, you earn rewards like extra features and storage in your account. In addition, the highest-ranking members receive benefits such as home page listings, prominent listing in searches, and more. Pretty cool… to find out more please visit Slidepoint and create your free account. Below you will find my Open Source presentation after it was converted.

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