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Teaching and Learning with Thought Leaders

TED Talks Education is a new series by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) in collaboration with TED. This video is their premiere episode featuring Pearl Arredondo, Geoffrey Canada, Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth, Bill Gates, Malcolm London,Ramsey Musallam, Rita F. Pierson, Ed.D. and Sir Ken Robinson. If you did not watch the premiere catch up with it here and visit the PBS TED Talks Education for more information. This show is part of American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen, a nationwide public media initiative made possible by the (CPB) to help communities identify and implement solutions to the high school dropout crisis.

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Online ImageWorks | Spark Your LinkedIn

This week I had the opportunity to sit down with John Sparks, the CEO and founder of Online ImageWorks to talk about the use of LinkedIn and Social Media. During our interview,  we talked about some of the services offered by his company and the importance of forming quality connections online. We also discussed how educators and students can benefit from the use of social media and services like LinkedIn. Watch the interview video below and please share your comments on the subject.

When it comes to Social Media many educators, are unaware of how useful this great communication medium can be for them and their students. Social Media is a great engagement platform that is ideally suited to promote critical thinking skills, collaboration, social networking and digital citizenry. I believe we should start by teaching our students early on during High School about the many advantages and pitfalls of social media. We should reinforce the importance of Digital Citizenship, but also teach them how to build their online presence. It is also important they learn the art of professional networking outside the classroom. This last skill will prove itself valuable once they graduate and move on to the civilian workforce. I say this because many millennials’ today do not think about the impact a comment or picture in social media could have later on in their lives. It is our responsibility as educators to nurture and mentor these individuals, but also to teach them responsible social media behaviors that can be used in the real world.


John’s passion for social media has led him to be a sought after consultant in the education sector, but he has also helped news journalists, sports announcers, motivational speakers, small business owners, and start-up companies looking to develop their online brands and social media presence. LinkedIn is where he often shares his knowledge with thought leaders who want to be more visible and build quality connections with other like-minded professionals. His company provides instruction on a wide array of social media networks, services and websites.

If you are an educator wanting to learn more about ways to engage your students through the use of social media, please visit his website www.onlineimageworks.com for great tips and advice on how to maximize the use of LinkedIn. Thanks again for your continued support!

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Claco .: United We Teach… Together We Learn!

A month ago I wrote a post about ClassConnect a cloud based service that allow teachers to build, organize, store and share lessons with other educators. I promised to bring you some updates and I am pleased to announce that ClassConnect has left the Imagine K-12 incubator and its now Claco.

The premise remains the same, to help educators work collaboratively with other professionals from around the world. I have been BETA testing it, and I love what they have done since we talked and how it has developed. The new version of the service allows storage, and easy access, to any website, video, files and more from a single location. There is also an option to align resources with the newly introduced Common Core curriculum.

Besides the ability to store any resources, one might need for a class they have added a social component that allows sharing content on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. One can also add notes to binders, create folders within them, drag & drop resources and even add embed code for multimedia content (think PBS, Khan Academy, YouTube, ect…) that plays from the binder with no ads. This last one is a great idea for Flipped Classroom, Project Based Learning or Professional Development with other educators. Claco is also behind the #UnitedWeTeach movement on Twitter, so be sure to follow their hashtag.

The service is Free, and will always remain Free according to Eric Simons, Claco’s CEO and Founder. To learn more about Claco or to request a BETA invite please visit http://www.claco.com/ or show them some love on Twitter @TeamClaco Don’t forget to like this on Facebook and continue to share, learn and collaborate with others.

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Gmail Hangouts Live!

Since the release of Google+ in the summer of 2011 I always wondered why Google did not enable video conferencing streaming from Gmail. They have supported video chat in Gmail since 2008 but only for peer-to-peer connections. I guess they must be feeling the heat from AnyMeeting, Join.Me, MeetingBurner and Skype among others, because today Google announced it will gradually start to roll out this new feature to Gmail users over the next few weeks giving you the ability to start Hangouts straight from the chat pane. Very Cool!

If you haven’t used Google+ Hangouts you should give it a try; for starters is Free. They allow you to connect with up to 10 people at a time and if you enable the On-Air feature your meeting is automatically recorded, and uploaded to your very own YouTube channel immediately after you end the meeting. This could easily be used as a low cost lecture capture solution, project based learning multimedia tool or any other class project that could use the introduction of video as an engagement tool. So go ahead an give it a try, all you need is a Gmail account, webcam and a set of headsets. For more information watch this video for a short demonstration on how it all works.

Cubby one giant leap for your stuff

There is no shortage of Cloud Storage services out there today. You have probably heard about the usual suspects; Box.net, Dropbox, iCloud and Sugarsync. Today I am introducing you to, Cubby a new cloud storage service backed by long time remote desktop application provider LogMeIn. The service is currently available by invite only.

One of the unique features of the service is that it lets you sync an unlimited number of files and folders between computers. You can also share whatever folders you want by dragging them into the cubby app. This in itself makes it a winner because one of Dropbox biggest annoyances is that you are forced to keep all of your files in their folder.

You can also customize the whole sharing experience by sharing with only certain computers, colleagues or by getting a public link for the folder you want to share. You are probably thinking now why did I wrote about it, if you cannot access it. Well, I have 5 invites 🙂 that will go to the first five educators who follow me on Twitter @AnibalPachecoIT, Please tell me about the one technology that has most significantly impacted the way you teach today; be brief you only have 140 characters. I will go over your post and select the winner’s based on their originality and creativity for the message.