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College Degree on Your iPad?

The release of the iPad mini by Apple has some people talking about it as a game changer in education. I do not agree with what they are saying, but then again I might be wrong. The price for one thing is not where it needs to be, if one takes into consideration competing products from its rivals Amazon and Google. I believe they should have introduced it at a lower price or maybe come out with special pricing for educators; specially when we are experiencing shrinking technology budgets at all levels in education.
Having said that, there is no denying tablets are changing the way we learn. The question is how do we choose which device is best for our educational pursuits. The answer in my opinion lies with the user and how comfortable they are with using the technology. The infographic below clearly shows the effect iPad’s are having on education. This might be true for baby boomers and those out of work due to the job market. There is also a growing number of apps and online content that have started to replace traditional classroom lessons. Do you believe we should be worried about this as educators? I will let you be the judge on that. 
 I would love to hear your comments on how tablets are influencing the way we teach and how our students learn.

College Degree On Your iPad
via: OnlineDegrees.org

Educators… There’s an App for that

We all love apps, but what is the relationship between app usage and how students learn? I set out searching for the answer to this question and came across this Infographic. It shows why students enjoy their mobile devices and the apps empowering their learning process. There has been a rapid growth in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement and the adoption of mobile devices at all levels in education.

Apps allows to do things that were impossible 10 years ago and open new doors for students to explore their creativity and curiosity. There are many benefits to using all these technological advantages to engage students. We must also remember that, at the end of the day, we as educators must be able to connect with students on a personal level. Regardless of the technology  meaningful relationships and the human touch will always trump any device when it comes  to promoting student success.

Connecting Apps & Education

Provided By: OnlineColleges.net

Educators… There’s an App for That

The new academic year just begun, and many of us are already scouring the Internet and its many App Stores in search for the next “It” app we can use in our classrooms. I am in favor of teachers doing this because most educational apps are great sources of information and come loaded with multimedia features that enhance the delivery of your subject.

I always get asked to recommend apps and am hesitant to do it because what might work for one educator might not be the right solution for another. With that in mind, the guys over at AvatarGeneration have developed a pretty awesome infographic to give you a feel for the current state of educational apps on the iTunes walled garden; by their count there are over 121,000 educational apps when you combine both iPhone and iPad apps. This number alone is a justification for pause, and the main reason why I suggest starting out small and taking the time to further research apps for your subject in order to see if it meets your needs.

The one thing we should keep in mind though is not to think of apps as bells and whistles, but resources that could further help with the engagement of our students. If you are thinking about integrating apps into your teaching curriculum start with one or two apps for your subject. This will serve you well during the experimentation process and help you manage the flow of information generated by students using the apps. I would also recommend keeping a list of what worked and what didn’t as this will help you narrow down the search for specific features you might be looking for in future apps. So go ahead have you pick and enjoy the thrill of the hunt for educational apps.

My Brain on Apps

What Type of Learner are You?

Here is a great infographic about the different learning styles and how all of our students learn in a different way. This in my opinion should be at the center of our teaching style strategies. One of the many things I do before sitting down with faculty (my students) is to figure out which is the best way for me to transmit knowledge to them in a way that fits their learning style. I spend time getting to know the person as an individual in order to figure out what makes them tick. This approach has worked for me many times before, and it could work for you as well.

 What Type of Learner Are You?
Infographic courtesy: OnlineCollege.org

Teach with Tournaments

This morning while doing my daily brain workout, I came across this story. After reading it I though about how much effort is being put into promoting the Flipped Classroom concept as an alternative teaching method. I was then thinking we should do the same to promote teaching innovation and reward teachers who come up with great ideas. 

That brings me to Mr. Josh Hoekstra, a history teacher at Rosemount High, a school in the suburbs of Minneapolis who came up with a great idea. He basically takes the kids love of sports and turn it into History Madness, a bracket style competition that fosters learning history, develops critical thinking skills, and promote collaboration amongst his students. He was featured in a CNN article yesterday, and is now selling a Teach with Tournaments book to teach others his methods.