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Managing The Cloud with Hapara

The vast amount of information managed by our schools today is incredible. What if there is a way for us to manage all that information in one place. Google has done a pretty good job in developing and launching a unique suite of applications that work very well in enterprise environments. The problem is that, in an education environment, it requires a dedicated IT team to run. The other issue is that the system configuration is not a user friendly experience.

That is where Hapara, a New Zealand based company comes in. They have over twenty years of experience in the deployment and implementation of cloud based solutions at all levels in education. They have developed a very cool and innovative way to merge the best aspects of Google Apps for the enterprise into an easy to use platform for education. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the company’s founder Jan Zawadzki to talk about the company and their visionary ideas.

Their flagship product is the Teacher Dashboard, a Google Apps for Education add-on that brings the various Google Apps under one system. Their product then goes a step further and tightly integrates Blogger, Google Docs, Gmail, Picasa and many of others. Jan demonstrated to me their product capabilities and showed me real world examples of how it is being used in an educational setting. The biggest advantage here being there is no hardware installation involved, and the whole system is cloud based. To learn more about Hapara and what they have to offer please visit their website at http://hapara.com/.

Jan Zawadzki, Founder, CEO – Hapara 

Hapara Teacher Dashboard

YouTube Digital Citizenship

Google in Education has put together a very nice online curriculum with 10 video lessons of material targeted at teens 13-17 years of age. Their idea is for students and educators to gain the necessary knowledge to use the Internet responsibly and to teach the Do’s and Don’t of online activity. It is also interesting to note that even though the program is mainly geared towards teens it could be used for professional development or best practices training for faculty.

The curriculum helps educate students on topics like:
– YouTube’s policies
– How to report content on YouTube
– How to protect their privacy online
– How to be responsible YouTube community members
– How to be responsible digital citizens

Head over here http://bit.ly/QfoNxQ to take a look at all the details and more information about this program.