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Bounce – Screenshot Notation Tool

Bounce is a free, cloud based, screen capture service that allows you to capture any website and add notes to it for sharing with students and colleagues. In order to get started head over to the Bounce website, type a URL and click Grab Screenshot; once the capture is displayed you can draw boxes around elements of the site you want to annotate. You can then share the generated URL of your capture on Facebook, Twitter or by copying the URL and send it via e-mail. The recipient will see your notes by mousing over the focus boxes you’ve created. This is a great tool for group research or collaboration projects with your students. As an alternative to websites they also have an option to upload your own images and add notes to them. What else could you ask from a simple tool for sharing annotated screenshots? Go ahead and give it a try Bounce is a free service and requires no registration. http://bit.ly/N393I8

Image Optimizer

Image optimizer is a free online service to resize, compress and optimize your image files. This service is really easy to use, and it comes in handy for those times when you need to upload an image to your course or a website, and you get the not so friendly popup “Image is too Big and cannot be uploaded” message. Image optimizer will take care of this for you by resizing the picture to your desired resolution, and at the same time give you the smallest file possible without losing any quality on the original image. There is also a desktop version for this webapp but on all of the testing I conducted the web version works fine, provided you have a high speed connection to upload the original file. I recommend to always resize your images for optimum screen viewing across all devices. I recommend using resolutions, no smaller than 800×600, and no larger than 1024×768. This will allow your content to look its best across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. You can get Image Optimizer from this link, http://bit.ly/M1iaxo