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College Degree on Your iPad?

The release of the iPad mini by Apple has some people talking about it as a game changer in education. I do not agree with what they are saying, but then again I might be wrong. The price for one thing is not where it needs to be, if one takes into consideration competing products from its rivals Amazon and Google. I believe they should have introduced it at a lower price or maybe come out with special pricing for educators; specially when we are experiencing shrinking technology budgets at all levels in education.
Having said that, there is no denying tablets are changing the way we learn. The question is how do we choose which device is best for our educational pursuits. The answer in my opinion lies with the user and how comfortable they are with using the technology. The infographic below clearly shows the effect iPad’s are having on education. This might be true for baby boomers and those out of work due to the job market. There is also a growing number of apps and online content that have started to replace traditional classroom lessons. Do you believe we should be worried about this as educators? I will let you be the judge on that. 
 I would love to hear your comments on how tablets are influencing the way we teach and how our students learn.

College Degree On Your iPad
via: OnlineDegrees.org

The Best way to manage your research for Free

I am currently attending school and the one thing I am not having fun with is doing all of the research that comes as part of being a student. I have searched all over the Internet for tools to help me manage the amount of data gathered during the research process and I believe to have found the answer to my problems in Mendeley.

A free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research. The thing that stands out about it is that contrary to other tools I have tried this one actually has a Desktop, iPhone and iPad applications that allow you to do your research anywhere you have access to the Internet and while on the go. So go ahead and do some research of your own. To find out more about Mendley and to create a free account please visit, http://www.mendeley.com/

What is Mendeley? from Mendeley on Vimeo.

Radbox – Video Content Aggregator

One of the biggest annoyances of using YouTube as a source of educational videos is those pesky ads they use to drum up their revenue. The are several services, plugins, add-ons and other tricks to get around the adds, but they all require some sort of tinkering from your part. I have used and tested Radbox for about six months now, and I must say this service is a winner. Oh, before I forget, the service is free, and supports about 25 other content providers. In order to use it all you need is an account, their bookmarklet and an Internet connection. Radbox also has an iPad app you can download from iTunes. So go ahead create an account and start showing ad-free video playlists from virtually anywhere you are connected at.

Hand Stylus

I am always looking for new stuff to play with, when it comes to my iPad. I love it just the way it is, but the problem I have is that my big fat fingers do no let me draw, input text, or freehand very easily. I believe the Hand Stylus is the solutions to all of my woes, so I have decided to order one of this nifty pens to try it out for myself. If the pen holds up to everything I saw on this video then it will be a match made in stylus heaven.

AirServer – iPhone and iPad Mirroring Mac / PC

AirServer is a powerful Mac/PC application that enables you to stream or mirror your iOS device, such as your iPhone 4S, to your Mac/PC. If your computer is connected to a secondary or alternative display, such as an HDTV or projector, your iOS device can use that display. If your iOS device allows Mirroring then anything you see on that device can be displayed on the big screen. — http://ow.ly/aS3rn