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LearnSprout | Student Information Simplified

There are many ways to manage student data and all of them require some sort of technology. The challenge for many schools is how to manage it all while retaining data integrity. The amount of data generated for just one student can be difficult to share and manage amongst the many systems currently being used. We live in a connected world which means the safeguarding of our students data is more important than ever today.

That is where LearnSprout comes in, they have developed an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows schools to share student information amongst the various systems in use from a secure environment that retains data integrity. LearnSprout can manage multiple data sources and individual system updates from a single API that make the whole process seamless to school administrators and educators.

LearnSprout was formed by three college buddies, Franklin Chien, Anthony Wu and Joe Woo; after college they went to work for three of the largest technology giants, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. They have now come back together to launch LearnSprout and cultivate the edtech ecosystem through their innovative approach to managing the data in our Student Information Systems (SIS). I recently sat down with Franklin Chien to talk about their services and to learn more about the company. You can watch the interview video below.

LearnSprout can pull data from PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Illuminate, Aeries, Skyward and STI; integration with other systems is currently being worked on. Their service is FREE for schools and districts, but EdTech software vendors pay a small fee to connect to their API. The API addresses both privacy and security concerns by being fully compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations. You can get the full details from their Security Policy document.

If you are ready to take data management to the next level at your school I would definitely give them a call. They are primarily working in the K-12 sector of education, but I see the potential for their API to be used in Higher Education as well. If you want to learn more about LearnSprout products and services visit their website http://www.learnsprout.com/.

Franklyn Chien: Passion

via: rocketlist on Vimeo.