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Online ImageWorks | Spark Your LinkedIn

This week I had the opportunity to sit down with John Sparks, the CEO and founder of Online ImageWorks to talk about the use of LinkedIn and Social Media. During our interview,  we talked about some of the services offered by his company and the importance of forming quality connections online. We also discussed how educators and students can benefit from the use of social media and services like LinkedIn. Watch the interview video below and please share your comments on the subject.

When it comes to Social Media many educators, are unaware of how useful this great communication medium can be for them and their students. Social Media is a great engagement platform that is ideally suited to promote critical thinking skills, collaboration, social networking and digital citizenry. I believe we should start by teaching our students early on during High School about the many advantages and pitfalls of social media. We should reinforce the importance of Digital Citizenship, but also teach them how to build their online presence. It is also important they learn the art of professional networking outside the classroom. This last skill will prove itself valuable once they graduate and move on to the civilian workforce. I say this because many millennials’ today do not think about the impact a comment or picture in social media could have later on in their lives. It is our responsibility as educators to nurture and mentor these individuals, but also to teach them responsible social media behaviors that can be used in the real world.


John’s passion for social media has led him to be a sought after consultant in the education sector, but he has also helped news journalists, sports announcers, motivational speakers, small business owners, and start-up companies looking to develop their online brands and social media presence. LinkedIn is where he often shares his knowledge with thought leaders who want to be more visible and build quality connections with other like-minded professionals. His company provides instruction on a wide array of social media networks, services and websites.

If you are an educator wanting to learn more about ways to engage your students through the use of social media, please visit his website www.onlineimageworks.com for great tips and advice on how to maximize the use of LinkedIn. Thanks again for your continued support!

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