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Quixey | The Search Engine for Apps


The evolution of app searching, cataloging and curation is here. There are hundreds of app review sites, software stores and many other places on the internet where you can search for apps and software applications. The problem is that while many sites promise fast search and app indexing most fail miserably at satisfying the needs of busy connected educators. The ones looking for educational apps, software and tools without having to spend too much time browsing a site.

That is where Quixey comes in as an intelligent search engine that allows you to search for Mobile Apps, Desktop Applications, Browser Add-Ons, Extensions and Webapps. The best thing about this search engine is the ability to narrow down searches by mobile device type whether it be Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone or Windows Phone. The Desktop applications search category looks for the usual suspects in Mac and Windows, while the Browser Category search for Add-On’s and Extensions for all major browsers. Targeted searches for webapps look for both native and Salesforce webapps and that is a bonus. Search results are broken down by free and paid apps and clicking the thumbnails for search returns open an expanded detail view with a download link for the selected application. To learn more about Quixey head over to their website to give it a try, http://www.quixey.com

I have made a short video to demonstrate how to use this amazing web tool. Please “Like” this video and hit “Subscribe” on my YouTube channel to receive links of new videos.

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