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Video Cables and Inputs 101

There are four display ports and cables commonly being used in the audio/video market today. The problem for educators is that unless you work for IT or are frequently doing installations of multimedia equipment in the classroom it is pretty easy to get these confused. That is the reason why the guys over at Techquickie created this video to help anyone understand the differences between each cable in under five minutes.

Finally! YouTube Subscribe Button

I have been publishing videos to my YouTube channel for a while now, but up until today there wasn’t a way to embed a subscribe button on your website without having to code it yourself. YouTube is pretty good about supporting the efforts of content providers, and today on their Google Developers page they released a tool that allows you to create script code for a widget, albeit with no coding required on your part.

YouTube Channel

The steps for creating the script code are straightforward and all you have to do is enter the username for your channel. You can then select whether your channel is Standard or Paid; mine is Free as in Gratis! There are three options to customize the look of your button by choosing between Default button, Full layout with avatar or Full layout, dark theme. I chose the last one because it suits the theme of my website the best.

This is a great way to help help visitors find your YouTube channel and it also helps to promote your videos for Free. You can head over to the Google Developers page for more information and to generate the script for your blog or website widget. I would also appreciate if you visit my YouTube channel and Subscribe. I welcome your comments and questions about this and any EdTech topic you might want to learn about. Thanks for your continued support.

YouTube for Schools

YouTube is a fantastic platform for any educator looking for educational videos. The problem is the ads and recommended videos come in the way of learning. There are several ways to block these ads and one can also use add-on’s for both Firefox and Chrome to remove them altogether. Some schools have gone taken the extraordinary measure of blocking YouTube out of their network thus removing the ability for educators to use this powerful, educational resource.

The owners of YouTube (Google) know about all of this and have recently ramped up its efforts to ease the use of YouTube while removing classroom distractions. They have also made it safe and convenient for educators with lots or little knowledge of technology to use their website. They are now offering the ability for educators to sign-up for their YouTube for Schools program.

Think of this as another channel in the YouTube universe, but specifically tailored for educators. The new site provides access to educational videos from inside your school network. It also allows schools the ability to access a broad set of educational videos on YouTube EDU. They have added a filtering system to select the specific videos that are accessible to both students and teachers. This is not to be confused with similar YouTube websites such as YouTube EDU or YouTube Teachers. They have also posted step-by-step instructions for the Network Administrator at your school.

Instructions can be found here; http://bit.ly/PsYoa4

To sign-up and learn more about this new and exciting program please visit their website at; http://www.youtube.com/schools

Gmail Hangouts Live!

Since the release of Google+ in the summer of 2011 I always wondered why Google did not enable video conferencing streaming from Gmail. They have supported video chat in Gmail since 2008 but only for peer-to-peer connections. I guess they must be feeling the heat from AnyMeeting, Join.Me, MeetingBurner and Skype among others, because today Google announced it will gradually start to roll out this new feature to Gmail users over the next few weeks giving you the ability to start Hangouts straight from the chat pane. Very Cool!

If you haven’t used Google+ Hangouts you should give it a try; for starters is Free. They allow you to connect with up to 10 people at a time and if you enable the On-Air feature your meeting is automatically recorded, and uploaded to your very own YouTube channel immediately after you end the meeting. This could easily be used as a low cost lecture capture solution, project based learning multimedia tool or any other class project that could use the introduction of video as an engagement tool. So go ahead an give it a try, all you need is a Gmail account, webcam and a set of headsets. For more information watch this video for a short demonstration on how it all works.

The one and only VLC Media Player

There is a bunch of media players out there that claim to be the best but my favorite “plays-it-all” is the VLC Media Player. This media player stands out in front of the pack for several reasons.

I will start by saying it is FREE, Open Source and it doesn’t require much memory to run on your system. This past week marked a milestone in the development of VLC and latest release of this gem is version 2.0.2

One of the features that make this player so awesome it’s the built in codec’s that make it all happen in the background. Along with the list of improvements, this version introduces an important number of features for the Mac OS X platform, notably interface improvements to be on-par with the classic VLC interface, better performance and Retina Display support. VLC 2.0.2 fixes the video playback on older devices both on Windows and Mac OS X and includes overall performance improvements.

So go ahead and give it it a try, I run this on all my computers and that is another advantage because it is available for most popular OS’s including Windows, OS X and several flavors of Linux. You can download VLC here, http://bit.ly/Nhwf5w

YouTube – (CC) Transcription Language

YouTube recently added Closed Caption (CC) translation for any video on their site by enabling Google Translate right into their video player. This means you can now display CC subtitles for any of the 57 languages supported in their service. This is a great add-on feature for students and faculty in the foreing language arena. I tried the Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish languages and I must say its not perfect but then again this is the first iteration of this feature. I am sure it will get better over time. Please watch this video for a demonstration;

New! Camtasia Studio for Mac ver. 2.2

TechSmith released a new version of Camtasia for Mac! Their latest release version 2.2 was totally revamped for OS X. They’ve added some pretty cool features like clickable objects, tilt and restore animations, and much more. If you are serious about incorporating video into your courses This is the one tool you must have. The Education version is currently on sale 24% of the regular price of $99.00 for $75.00.

Visit their Educational Pricing store here: https://store.techsmith.com/education.asp

*Don’t forget to visit their extensive training video library here: http://bit.ly/N8C9Zl