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Using QR Codes in The Classroom

A great way to save money from your school budget is to minimize the need for printed handouts. One way you can achieve this is through the introduction of QR Codes into your classroom. If you need to create a QR Code on the fly look no further than Mobile Barcoder a Firefox add-on (also available for Chrome). This add-on allows you to create QR codes from any webpage displayed on your browser. The generated code can then be saved as an image or displayed on your classroom projection screen. Students or colleagues can then scan it or take a picture of it for later use.

This is an easy way to introduce the use of mobile technology into your classrooms and could potentially save the school some money by not having to print the handouts. An example of this activity would require you to create a Google Docs group for your class. This group would then serve as a repository for the documents you want to share. Watch the video below for more information about what a QR Code is and their usage in public. The videos below are for a demo of the add-on and a quick explanation of what a QR code is. For more information on this topic visit this Bundlenut.

Mobile Barcoder Demo

What is a QR Code?

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Back to School: The Best F/OSS Essentials

There is no shortage of commercial applications, apps and webapps to help us do our jobs. The problem here is that our budgets continue to shrink, and there are great alternatives to the high costs of commercial applications. That is the reason why I am always on the hunt for software alternatives. I will share with you some of the best Free and Open Source Software solutions connected educators can use today. This Bundlenut contains desktop applications and webapps you can install or run from your browser. I have also made a video with a quick look at the applications, type of license, operating system, Pro’s and Con’s of using them.