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The Fusion of Learning Management and Educational Apps


Chalkable is an exciting web based service transforming the way educators and administrators manage information. The front-end for this K-12 service allows you to manage grading, attendance and discipline online within their platform. They have an integrated app store within their platform, which allows educators to search for the best educational apps across the web. The store catalog apps by category, such as History, Math, Science, and more.


Chalkable’s unique single sign-on system allows for the seamless integration of your school’s Student Information System (SIS) and includes tools such as analytics, news feed, calendar and messaging system that can be used with students, teachers, administrators and parents. They offer an open-ended free trial for up to five teachers and guarantee you will love their service.


Chalkable was recently selected as a finalist for the 2013 SIIA CODiE Awards in the Best K-12 Course or Learning Management Solution. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Evan Kontras, Chalkable’s Vice-President for business development to learn more about their service and the company’s vision. I was impressed at Chalkable’s intuitive user interface and tight integration of the app store and admin tasks. These are distinctive features that make up a truly transparent experience for teachers and administrators. Please watch the interview video below.

The service is $10 a year per student, and this includes setup and integration for your school. This is a reasonable service fee considering you will get half of that money back into your apps purchasing budget. This is a winning formula for any school looking to transform student information management by signing up for this service.

To learn more about Chalkable and sign-up for a free trial please visit http://chalkable.com/

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