The Making of a Great Teacher

A great teacher in my opinion is somebody who can connect with their students at a personal level. This Infographic from breaks down the elements in the makeup of a great teacher. I had many teachers in my lifetime, but there is one teacher that always come to mind when I think about this subject.  Mr. José Angel Iturbe was my Sculpture teacher back at the Central High School of Visual Arts in Puerto Rico. Mr. Iturbe was very strict will all of us in class, but always took the time to figure out what made us tick as individuals.

I owe him a debt of gratitude for the many life lessons he imparted onto me and the rest of the class. I will always remember him for doing everything possible to ensure each of his students success. He did not have favorites and encouraged all of us to be the best on our own individual merits. He was so dedicated to the class that, at times, he even bought art material so we could do our work. This was a huge sacrifice for him because back in the 80’s as a recently married art teacher he was not making that much money. It has been a quarter of a century since I graduated High School and he still teaching, sharing his knowledge of visual arts and commitment to his students. So, Mr. Iturbe, this one is for you and every teacher in the world who continues to make a difference in their students life. Thanks for everything you do for us!
The Anatomy of a Great Teacher
Source: Top Teaching Colleges

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