The new Kid with lots of muscle

Microsoft in an effort not to be outdone by Google has released a new webmail service called There are many advantages to using it over Gmail because they are offering unlimited e-mail storage on all accounts and a generous 7GB of free space on SkyDrive which is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution. The interface is a lot cleaner than Gmail and Microsoft promises to display no adds offering a clean look that reminds me a lot of Facebook. They are also allowing you to convert your Hotmail, and MSN accounts to the service. Microsoft has promised to integrate Skype into the service which will be an additional bonus to using the service. There is also a preview of the Windows 8 app switcher which gives you some insight as to how this will work when Windows 8 is finally released. I recommend for now securing your name or switching your existing accounts to this service.

Here is a walk-through of the service enjoy it.