The one and only VLC Media Player

There is a bunch of media players out there that claim to be the best but my favorite “plays-it-all” is the VLC Media Player. This media player stands out in front of the pack for several reasons.

I will start by saying it is FREE, Open Source and it doesn’t require much memory to run on your system. This past week marked a milestone in the development of VLC and latest release of this gem is version 2.0.2

One of the features that make this player so awesome it’s the built in codec’s that make it all happen in the background. Along with the list of improvements, this version introduces an important number of features for the Mac OS X platform, notably interface improvements to be on-par with the classic VLC interface, better performance and Retina Display support. VLC 2.0.2 fixes the video playback on older devices both on Windows and Mac OS X and includes overall performance improvements.

So go ahead and give it it a try, I run this on all my computers and that is another advantage because it is available for most popular OS’s including Windows, OS X and several flavors of Linux. You can download VLC here,